My family are believers in Jesus Christ and accepting his death on the cross for our sins was our first priority. Being an attorney is a privilege and just something we do for a living. But even then, God provides, guides, and comforts us in our personal and business life. It is our foremost desire to have a spirit of excellence in our practice and home. If possible, before hiring anyone, you should see how they live. That is easy for our clients to discern, for we office out of our residence. My family includes a loving wife of 40+ years, a beautiful daughter who blessed us with our first grandson, our first son now married, and a second son.
If you are reading this, chances are you are in serious legal and/or financial trouble. Do not lose heart, for if the Lord Jesus Christ is who you ultimately serve, He still has a plan for your life, even through the ordeal you may be enduring at present. It is times like these that He uses to refine and perfect us. If God is willing, please consider allowing our firm the honor of helping you through this most difficult time in your life. And once you have come through it, please remember to pass on what you have learned to others who cross your path with whatever assistance and encouragement you may be able to provide.

As shown in the firm’s resume, we have been practicing law since 1983. Our areas of expertise began in bankruptcy primarily representing trustees, from 1983 through 1985. We progressed into commercial and business litigation, thereafter moving into a lead litigation partner position at our old firm in Texas. We moved to Florida in the fall of 1997 to get my wife closer to her mom (now passed) and dad (92 as of 2019), living in Seminole, Florida. Since starting our own firm, we expanded from bankruptcy into wills, trusts, estate planning, personal injury (in association with a local firm), business litigation, and business law (from creating corporations to sale/liquidation), and all the associated legal issues arising in a business practice. We also do an occasional adoption, as well as trademark and copyright work.

Please keep this in mind if you or anyone you know are ever in need of these services. Even if it’s not an area of our current practice, please inquire anyway. Chances are we have someone in our referral network that we could recommend.