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bibleI am a believer in Jesus Christ and accepting his death on the cross for my sins was my first priority. Being an attorney is just something I do for a living. But even then, God provides, guides, and comforts me and my family in my personal and business life. It is my foremost desire to have a spirit of excellence in my practice and home. If possible, before hiring anyone, you should see how they live. That is easy for my clients to discern, for I office out of my residence. My family includes a loving wife of 30 years, a beautiful daughter who is 23, a smarter than dad son who is 21, and our second son who is 8 (all as of 2010).


If you are reading this web site, chances are you are in serious financial trouble.  Do  not lose heart, for if the Lord Jesus Christ is who you ultimately serve, He still has a plan for your life, even through the ordeal you may be enduring at present. But don't lose heart, for it is times like these that He uses to refine and perfect us.  If God is willing, please consider allowing me the honor of helping you through this most difficult time in your life.  And once you have come through it, please remember to pass on what you have learned.


As shown in the firm's resume, I have been practicing law since 1983. My areas of expertise began in bankruptcy primarily representing trustees. From 1986 through 1997, I progressed into commercial and business litigation, thereafter moving into a lead litigation partner position in my old firm in Texas. I moved to Florida in the fall of 1997 to get my wife closer to her mom and dad, who live in Seminole, Florida. Since starting my own firm, I have gone back to my roots out of law school and do about 70% bankruptcy work and 30% commercial and business practice and litigation. I enjoy helping out my clients to the best of my ability. I recently helped some members in my church with adoptions and have added that to my areas of practice. In addition, I am able to do simple wills, trusts, and probate.